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Traffic Ticket Questions & Answers

What happens if I get pulled over?

If an officer pulls you over do not immediately admit guilt. Answer their questions in a calm and straight-forward manner, be polite and NEVER make up a story or lie. If you have to testify in court it will be a lot harder to remember what you said after the fact.

How do I fight a traffic ticket?

There are numerous ways to fight a traffic ticket and it all depends on your specific case. Of course you always have the option of representing yourself, but you probably
don't have a law degree!

Our qualified and competent staff has the skills and expertise to defend you in traffic court. In some cases you may be required to attend court as you are the only one who can tell a judge "your side of the story". But in most cases you do not need to attend.

Why should I fight a ticket?

  1. Your insurance rates could go up
  2. You are innocent until proven guilty
  3. There could be consequences to a conviction of which you may not be aware
  4. You could be putting unnecessary demerit points on your license
  5. Sometimes police officers make mistakes

Traffic violations can add up FAST and before you know it your license could be suspended. If you get a ticket, CALL US FIRST.

Why choose TicketZ for representation?

Our professional legal staff and ex-police officers have over 100-years of combined experience, WE KNOW TRAFFIC LAW, and we are prepared to attend court and speak on your behalf.

There are some specific cases that require you to be there, but 99% of the time we can attend traffic court for you and negotiate lower fines and less demerits, and most of all ...
PROTECT YOUR INSURANCE RATES - Don't go at it alone!

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How long do I have to respond to my ticket?

The Provincial Offences Act states that a person charged with an offence has 15 days to respond. If you fail to respond within 15 days you may be automatically convicted without a hearing and forced to pay the full amount of your traffic ticket.

What happens if I ignore my ticket?

You should never under any circumstances ignore a ticket.... unless you are planning to pay the full amount and risk the demerits and possible increase in your insurance premiums.

What if I need more time to pay my fine?

You can always make a request to the convicting court that an extension be granted, but this decision is up to them. Always talk to us first, we may be able to negotiate an extension if you are convicted.

What happens if I don’t pay my traffic ticket fine?

If your fine is not paid within the specified time-limit, and no extension has been granted you risk possible suspension of your license, and of course - EVEN MORE FINES added on top of that! It's just not worth it, contact us so we can help you out!

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