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Paul Ruggles

Paul Ruggles is one of our ex-police officers, here's some more info about Paul:

  • Ticket Agent in Calgary and area Courts for the past 8 years (2006 to present). 
  • Traffic Prosecutor in Calgary Traffic Courts for 7 years (1999 to 2006).  
  • Calgary Police Officer for 30 years (1965 to 1995)
    • 8 years accident investigation, including Hit & Run Section, and Motorcycle enforcement
    • Worked in various areas of police work including, education, supervision, auditing, & detective
    • Retired in 1995 with rank of Inspector, and commander of the Traffic Section
    • Worked as a  security supervisor at 2 Olympics, 1988 Calgary & 1996 Atlanta 
    • Worked as a volunteer, teaching survival skills  & wilderness camping to young men & boys for  over 40 years (1969 to present)

Paul's experience speaks for itself, he knows traffic law, and can fight for you!

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