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Welcome to Ticketz Canada

Ticketz Canada is a business that helps you defend yourself against serious charges that can come with traffic tickets, as well as the fines that are associated with them.

As ex-police officers and legal experts, the staff of Ticketz Canada is known for being able to fight major traffic tickets. They can spot mistakes cops might make when filling out a traffic ticket, the best arguments that you can use, and can offer you valuable advice on how to avoid getting ticketed in the future.

To avoid high insurance rates, difficulty getting jobs, and high fines is to get the finest traffic ticket defense Calgary has to offer.

Call Ticketz Canada and speak with one of our talented staff. They’ll be able to help you fight the traffic ticket that you’ve been dreading paying.

Nobody likes getting a ticket!

Most people don't even give it a second thought, they pay their fine and don't realize how it can impact their insurance rates down the road...

We're here to help you protect your insurance rates.
Don't pay a ticket or go into court without talking to us first!


Our Mission

To help protect your insurance rates and driving status.
To use our expertise to speak on your behalf in court.

Put us in your corner!


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